About Zitavex Foundation



To make and distribute effective and inexpensive bleeding control bandages, burn and wound care products that are also disinfecting and natural; all made from honey. To protect against the transmission of infection and provide education and implementation of safe measures to protect and prevent the spread of infectious disease within the medical system and safe products made with the healing powers of natural honey.

Our patented scientific process (U.S. patent # 10201163 B1) uses the natural properties of honey to safely clean, disinfect and heal burns, cuts, injuries and open wounds while sanitizing and disinfecting.

Operating plan

1) To bring the products made through Honey based biocide patent #US 10,201,163 B1 to war torn regions and inner-city areas plagued with violence around the world.

Develop products effective for stopping bleeding from wounds, injuries, burns and cuts.

2) Help us save the honeybee and increase the supply of natural honey around the world.  The loss of our best honey producing bee is being felt around the world.  Honey prices are increasing as honeybee populations decrease.  Imitation honey and fake labels make it difficult to know the true quality of what honey you are buying. Our discoveries in Pheromones and in Honeybee hygienic response with (U.S. patent #16888353) helps eliminate Colony Collapse Disorder and the parasitic invader, Varroa Destructor in bee colonies.

3) The miracle in innovation and discovery is our promise to the world.  Help us to bring these discoveries and the people who innovate new medicinal products and are inspired to bring a world of medical cures and treatments for a fraction of the cost of big pharmaceutical research companies.


It is our goal to collaborate with as many likeminded companies that sell products effective against the transmission of viral outbreaks. We are moved to make a difference in our community and the world through the use of natural, self-sustaining HONEY antiseptic products effective in stopping bleeding, control infection and heal wounds and burns.  Because our scientifically research, patented crystallized honey powder is PH neutral and made from pure honey and natural base crystals, it is a perfect base additive for numerous products, making them antiseptic, disinfecting and naturally healing.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to make the world a better place, one kind act at a time, spreading compassion and generosity across the globe through our patented Honey medical products. Kindness is contagious, and it can bee fun, too. That’s why Zitavex Foundation features interactive ways to track good deeds and watch as one kind action multiplies into a global movement of love and brotherhood. Your donations will help us continue the advancement of scientific discoveries to solve environmental issues with bees and pollinating insects as well as bring new advancements in medicine, animal husbandry, agricultural products and lifesaving devices using honey.