Bee Creative

Creativity does not seem to be a human generated power. Ask any artist, any creative programmer or athlete as to where their creativity comes from, and they start to sound a lot like a theologian…

Creativity is the secular word for what Christians call the Holy Spirit. I don’t care what definition you come up with for creativity, but I guarantee you some Christian theologian over the past 2000 years has used that exact same definition for the Holy Spirit. In the Christian tradition we hold that the Holy Spirit creates, so to use the word creativity is to imply the activity of the Holy Spirit.

Now, it is true some people try to push God out of the definition of “creativity.” But those people often have an antiquated and shallow definition of God. Or they profess to be “god” by virtue of “I think, therefore I am (thank you Rene Descartes).  Minus a first-hand personal relationship with Jesus Christ, creativity will fail to materialize.

Since for Christians the Holy Spirit is the creative process, you can see how important creativity is for the life of the Christian community. Without creativity, you do not have God, and without God you do not have anything to bind your community together. In essence, without creativity you cannot have an ecclesia (please STOP using the word “church”). That’s why art and music are so important in the history Christianity. They are the very activities of God that bind the community together.

This is not to say that creativity in the Christian community only includes art and music.  All forms of creation are included.  Take a look at Exodus 31:3-11.  Or what about the Sea of Glass which John saw (Revelation 4:6)?

Talking about creativity is never outside of the parameters of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. I mean, what is that power of which we talk unless it is the power to create new realities, new worlds, new creations? I will give you a line from the Bible that is probably about 1950 years old. Paul, early in his ministry, probably within 20 years of the death of Jesus, wrote this famous line:

“So if anyone is in Christ there is a new creation, everything old has passed away, see everything has become new.” 2 Corinthians 5.17.

Paul understood God creates, and if there’s any creativity going on it must be God, it must be Jesus, it must be the Holy Spirit. Creativity is the Holy Spirit in action in our world.

We at Zitavex realize that “creativity” and “Holy Spirit” are synomymous.  We humbly present ourselves as a CREATIVE INCUBATOR.  We extend to all who desire a chance to come join us for coffee.  Bring your creative/holy spirit inspired ideas.  Watch us as we lift this CREATIVE INCUBATOR because of the Holy Spirit.  God Himself has located us smack dab between the new age gurus of Ashland and the Jezebellians just a few miles north in Portland for a reason.

If any doubt exists, remember that we have the authority (Luke 10:19), we have the keys to the Kingdom (Matthew 16:19) and we have the power (Acts 2).  Come have coffee with us as the Kingdom is on the advance.  We are not afraid of any ruler, authority or dark world spiritual force (Ephesians 6:12).

Finally, we ask your donations to advance the Kingdom by virtue of gaining FDA approval for our live saving, blood stopping honey based creation.

***Portions of this statement are to be credited to Scott Frederickson, Ph.D.