Bee Kind

Please help us at Zitavex Foundation to “save the honeybees.”

It takes all of humanity to change the world, and changing the world starts with a single act of kindness by one person.  At Zitavex Foundation, we love our neighbor because we share this planet and desire to stake our hard work, inspiration, and discoveries on the World.

What does “SAVING THE BEES” look like to us at Zitavex Foundation.

Colony Collapse, foulbrood, Varroa Destructor, and bee losses exceeding 60% annually are forcing the U.S. to import bees just for pollination, not to mention the increasing rarity of honey. The U.S. not only must import most of its honey from other countries but now is importing millions of bees annually, just for pollination. Efforts to reverse this trend with bee and honey losses have been met with little success until now.

Not just to pollinate 1/3 of our food, but the honey bees provide the base for some of the safest and most effective wound and burn healing treatments in medicine. The sting of the bee has been known to help treat arthritis, and the glue known as Propolis is one of the most effective anti-spores known and has been shown to treat many infections effectively. Zitavex Foundation has worked with the honeybee for over 30 years and has patented numerous medical and agricultural techniques to treat wounds on people and treat diseases in bees, including the bee parasite Varroa Destructor.

Knowing the power and effectiveness of our discoveries in “honeybee Hygienic Response” and “Honey-based Biocides” is not enough for us at Zitavex to treat our own hives or sell our products. Kindness to our world and to the creatures that help make our world a paradise we all want to live in will spread, and it all starts with us. It is the mission of Zitavex Foundation to share our discoveries in medicine and disease control and to teach every person with the desire to learn how to be a more responsible beekeeper and agriculture expert.

With every donation request, we will send a copy of our cutting-edge research into “honeybee hygienic response.”  If you are new at beekeeping and raising pollinators, reach out to us to learn how you can help “save the bees” and all endangered pollinators.

Thank you for helping Zitavex foundation share with the world how to “bee kind.”