Bee Well

Honey for health.

Honey is the most precious agricultural resource for Millennia. Used in only the most decadent of foods and used to make the most delicious drinks, Honey is a statement of power and position; “The land of milk and Honey” The Egyptians understood honey’s healing nature and used it and beeswax in all their cosmetics and many of their pharmaceutical applications. During mummification rituals, they used pure honey to preserve their Pharos. Explorers and Egyptologists have found crystallized jars of honey thousands of years old, still edible. Nothing grows in Honey.

Today we know that kinds of honey like Manuka, Jojoba, and good old-fashioned clover honey are a great natural source of carbohydrates. But did you know that local honey can help with seasonal allergies? There are also enzymes and the bee’s own digestive secrets that help to make honey easy to digest and are recommended as a more natural source of sweetener to help combat diabetic blood sugar spikes.

We are proud of our patents and scientific discoveries at Zitavex Foundation and want to share our inspiration with anyone who has experienced the miracle of healing with honey. Used for thousands of years to soothe burns, cuts, and abrasions, our patented miraculous honey crystal takes “healing with honey” to the next level.  Antiseptic and disinfecting in its effect, crystalized honey can stop bleeding and prevent infection in serious injuries like bullet wounds, burns, and amputations. A true miracle, medicinal honey offers hope for serious bleeding control, bandaging, and infections from trauma.

What we know at Zitavex Foundation about the healing powers of honey is about to revolutionize medicine.  Natural, safe, drug-free, antiseptic, disinfecting, and easily absorbed by the body, pure crystallized medicinal honey will transform wound care and burn treatment therapies.  Help us to finish the process to approve our crystallized honey patents and scientific Ideas with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and start putting bleeding control bandages and disinfecting products into the hands of those in need.

At Zitavex Foundation, we accept the challenges ahead with confidence in knowing that these miracles, along with your help, will change our world for the better.