Charles Berg

A Firefighter for over 30 years, 15 years as a paramedic with degrees in occupational safety and health as well as Management and business. Excelled in chemistry and biology with interest in ancient cultures and anthropology.


Natural, chemical and drug free, the following is a guide to making your own free treatment to combat the parasitic invader “Varroa Destructor.”   With seven known types of honeybees, only a few have a natural resistance to the parasitic invader Varroa Destructor. This resistance is known as “hygienic response.” Gentle honeybees, like the European […]

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Zitavex Foundation takes pride in its lifesaving medical honey patents used to treat burns, injuries and stop bleeding but did you know that scientists rely on the honeybee for so much more.   DETECTING DANGEROUS CHEMICALS The ATF uses trained bees to detect airborne chemicals faster and more reliably than laboratory air sampling.  With the […]

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ROBOTIC BEES (a bad idea)

Are we ready for a world without bees, without pollinators or insects? Why does it matter? If the insects and pollinators disappear, so to do the flowers.  Yes, robotic bees, machines and human hands can ensure that our apples and cherries get pollinated, but what about everything else. It is our mission at Zitavex foundation […]

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Science of Medical Honey

Medical Honey? For thousands of years, Honey has been harvested, eaten and used in medicine food preservation. Today some of the most seriously infected wounds and burns are treated using honey, when other more expensive medications fail. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recognizes this inherent biocidal property in honey as an anaerobic carbohydrate that […]

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