Ken Cuyler

A real man's success is not measured by alphabet soup after his name. While I have had alphabet soup after my name, it no longer matters. What matters now is using all of the powers of the Holy Spirit which I possess to advance His kingdom. So I now choose to give my advanced accounting skills to Zitavex and help to lift this foundation up, as we are David and we are getting ready to use our sling shot to bring down Goliath. Come have coffee with us and help us slay Goliath.

Tropilaelaps parasite falls victim to Hygienic Response

Zitavex Foundation today announces the need for testing locations of our US Patented process of “Hygienic Response” (US Patent # 16888353).  Our “Hygienic Response” is already setting industry standards for the treatment of the Varroa Destructor parasite.  With our “Hygienic Response”, harmful chemicals such as oxalic acid are not needed.  We instead rely upon our […]

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In Service to Mankind

What does the word “humanity” mean to you? Is it about how we treat human beings, or about all creation? What about the animals that help people? Must they be treated “compassionately?” I can only tell you to look at our society’s fruits. Are there laws and people actively engaged in protecting our pets, our […]

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Varroa Destructor – No longer a MITE(y) word

A mite with such an ugly face Your type is a disgrace. Now you run the hive, Soon you no longer a-live! Think you can escape and hide? Suck some more bee blood and ride? Your days are now only a few, Gone as the mornin dew! With Zitavex you have met your match. No […]

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Creativity is our game

At Zitavex we engage the Holy Spirit, We know that in science, nothing comes near it. So if you have received dreams and visions you need to steer, Let us buy you some coffee, allow us to hear. For all the success we had… and will have yet to come, Is not ours to claim, […]

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Honey from the Holy Spirit

Drops of sweet honey coming from the hive, Here to sustain and make us alive. When we come upon a truth which is proven to us by the Holy Spirit, we should boldly share it.  I have recently been shown such a truth, “Honey from the Holy Spirit”. While attending a presentation about how the […]

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