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We at Zitavex Foundation stand with you as we ask the most difficult questions about our environment and agricultural practices: at the highest Government office to the largest corporation to the mega farms. Our World depends on what we have learned from the past and our research and scientific patents at Zitavex Foundation offer hope for a return to a future with more gentle Honeybees, increased honey production and indigenous pollinators. Einstein worried that if all the bees disappeared it would mean an end to man. China has been using drones to spray pollen on their orchards for over 5 years and have been employing intense human labor to manually pollinate cherry blossoms for dozens of years. DDT spraying scores of years ago caused an insect apocalypse resulting in an environmental collapse ensuing in the loss of birds, frogs, fish and everything in between; except rats.

Make no mistake, Einstein was not wrong. Bees and their honey are being replaced with Killer bees and man-made drones at the expense of the one thing man cannot replace; honey. More than just a nutritious treat, honey is used to treat burns, heal infected wounds and can be made to stop bleeding instantly. Only nature can give us this renewable resource to produce these lifesaving medical products. Help us teach farmers how to return to a world without disastrous bee losses and prevent the spreading of diseases and parasites using our scientific methods of “hygienic response”.  Using only honey and lemon grass, beekeepers can teach their gentle honey bees to eliminate invaders and remove the diseases they carry without the use of drugs, chemicals or poisons.

It is these simple, natural ideas, products and techniques that have inspired us at Zitavex Foundation to spread the gift of honey and our scientific innovations.  We encourage those inspired to change the way natural healing and medicine are viewed to join us. Honey and its miraculous healing abilities are just one example of the dozens of medical discoveries out there, just waiting to be revealed. Write, call or come on down for a cup of coffee; we would love to talk about our plans and the future of medicine, agriculture beekeeping, or any new creations which you have received in your dreams and visions.


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