Honey from the Holy Spirit

Drops of sweet honey coming from the hive,
Here to sustain and make us alive.

Honey from the Holy SpiritWhen we come upon a truth which is proven to us by the Holy Spirit, we should boldly share it.  I have recently been shown such a truth, “Honey from the Holy Spirit”.

While attending a presentation about how the Holy Spirit brings creativity, I sat next to a man holding bags of honey.  In his presentation, he shared how he had a dream in which God showed him the ingredients to add with honey to make the honey save lives by stopping bleeding.  The process is now a patent that he owns.  He said his “Honey from the Holy Spirit ”also treats burns, not to mention the long list of other uses in the medical life-saving arena.

At the time, I was dealing with a terrible dose of poison oak.  For the third time in life, I had lost the battle with poison oak.  My arms looked like third-degree burns.  Having nothing to lose, I put some honey on my arms.  The burning immediately stopped!  The itching immediately stopped!  The honey also soothed and softened the skin, a welcome relief in contrast to the only other option.

I have seen it with my own eyes.  I know from personal use.  This truly is “Honey from the Holy Spirit.”  Why else would I join the organization myself?  Please take a moment and consider Romans 12:2 and 1 Peter 4:10, which will leave no doubt that we must take as truth all information that the Holy Spirit brings to us.  In this current case, I am personally the beneficiary as my poison oak rash was made tolerable to deal with.

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Ken Cuyler

A real man's success is not measured by alphabet soup after his name. While I have had alphabet soup after my name, it no longer matters. What matters now is using all of the powers of the Holy Spirit which I possess to advance His kingdom. So I now choose to give my advanced accounting skills to Zitavex and help to lift this foundation up, as we are David and we are getting ready to use our sling shot to bring down Goliath. Come have coffee with us and help us slay Goliath.

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