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What does the word “humanity” mean to you? Is it about how we treat human beings, or about all creation? What about the animals that help people? Must they be treated “compassionately?” I can only tell you to look at our society’s fruits. Are there laws and people actively engaged in protecting our pets, our farm animals and those creatures in service to mankind? What if I told you the most important animal to human survival was recently slaughtered by the millions in Atlanta; and no one noticed! No one was arrested and no one had to answer to investigators after the incident. Yes, I’m talking about the “the apocalypse” of the Bee (Apis) and Colony Collapse.


If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. –Albert Einstein

Actual news story

Local beekeeper in Atlanta, Edward Morgan, called more than a dozen people to go to the airport and try to save any bees that were still alive after being stranded on the airport tarmac.

“It’s devastating to see that many dead bees,” Georgia beekeeper Julia Mahood told WABE radio. “Just clumps of dead bees that had no chance because they were left outside in the heat with no food or water and basically got lost in Delta airlines machinery.” McElrea, who runs a business called Sarah’s Alaska Honey, said that she had received previous shipments of honeybees on Delta from Sacramento, California, to Anchorage via Seattle many times. The airline told her that last weekend’s shipment didn’t fit on the plane, so they were rerouted through Atlanta.

McElrea said her supplier in California will replace the shipment, which was worth about $48,000. She said she is hoping Delta provides some help, although she acknowledged that shipping live animals carries risk.


One out of every three bites of food are because a bee pollinated a flower. The Honey that bees make for us is also a rich natural health food whose crystals contain some of the most promising medical discoveries in wound and burn care. We at Zitavex foundation are committed to the health and future of mankind and all of God’s creatures. Through innovation and caring, we call on everyone that is paying attention to help us care for and support the bees and all humanity through our discoveries in “honeybee hygiene” and “Biocidal honey” patents. You can help us make a dramatic difference in slowing the loss of all bee species around the world and bring more medical products made from the pure, natural and renewable resource of HONEY.

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