Tropilaelaps parasite falls victim to Hygienic Response

Zitavex Foundation today announces the need for testing locations of our US Patented process of “Hygienic Response” (US Patent # 16888353).  Our “Hygienic Response” is already setting industry standards for the treatment of the Varroa Destructor parasite.  With our “Hygienic Response”, harmful chemicals such as oxalic acid are not needed.  We instead rely upon our US Patented process to exterminate the Varroa mite in an all-natural way.


We seek access to locations now dealing with Tropilaelaps for the purpose of testing the effectiveness of our “Hygienic Response”.


If Tropilaelaps were found in the US, the beekeeping industry would experience incredibly devastating losses that would seriously affect our agricultural industry and the impact would be felt around the country.  The National Honey Bee Survey’s main goal is to sample wide and far to determine if this exotic mite has broached our borders.  Right now, all samples indicate that these mites are absent in the US. This year, through taking a closer look at some ports with high international activity as well as continuing testing every sample for the mites we are hoping to continue to find no trace of these parasites in the US.


Using our “Hygienic Response”, a single pint is usually enough to treat one bee hive.  The science behind our patent is very simple.  We piggy-back on the deceptions available in the insect world for pheromone use.  Using only honey, water and lemongrass extract we mist spray the hive which creates an immediate cleaning frenzy in almost a drunken stupor.  If you think of the 1959 song “Love Potion # 9”, then you understand just how powerful our “Hygienic Response” is in the hive.


The bees are not confrontational, and because the pheromone makes them believe it is the queen herself, all they want to do is to groom each other.  It of course is this grooming of one another which eliminates the Varroa, as any one bee cannot groom their backside.  However, when they groom each other, the Varroa is discovered, and removed.


Our belief is that “Hygienic Response” will also prompt the bees in the hive to clean their own house and be rid of the Tropilaelaps mite.


This of course brings us to the reason for this news release.  Without access to Tropilaelaps, we are not able to test our hypothesis.  Please contact us via our website ( so we can begin discussion on how to proceed at your location.  We use this news release to reach out to find testing locations.


We look forward to testing our hypothesis at your location which will eliminate Tropilaelaps from your hives.

Tropilaelaps Mite
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