Varroa Destructor – No longer a MITE(y) word

A mite with such an ugly face
Your type is a disgrace.
Now you run the hive,
Soon you no longer a-live!

Think you can escape and hide?
Suck some more bee blood and ride?
Your days are now only a few,
Gone as the mornin dew!

With Zitavex you have met your match.
No longer will any of your seed hatch.
Our patented secret weapon now stands tall,
The Holy Spirit proclaims your fall.

Varroa DestructorTo all our friends in the apiary industry, we are happy to tell you that with our patented “hygienic response” bee hives are now prepared to return to health, naturally.  If you are tired of using toxic chemicals on your hives, we have a failsafe fix. Natural and easy to make from honey.

You ask us, how can we be so brave as to declare that Varroa Destructor-No longer a MITE(y) word?   We are often asked, why hasn’t someone discovered this before?  We have three secret weapons!

  1. Dreams and Visions (Call us “Cornelius” (Acts 10:1-6) or “Ananias” (Acts9:10)).
  2. Holy Spirit which has given us the POWER to create (2 Corinthians 5:17).
  3. We will be giving away for FREE to all in the apiary industry our process.  Asking only travel  expenses to teach you for the advancement of His Kingdom on Earth.

In summation, Varroa Destructor-No longer a MITE(y) word for as the Word teaches, money is the root of all evil.

Call us foolish if you must.  We realize that big business, big pharma, institutionalized education and governmental oversight is going to do all they can to convince you of how bad this FREE technique is.  In every way possible, and always with a smile on their face they will endlessly spew falsehoods about the soundness of Zitavex.  To them all I say, “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin”.

And after you are finished calling us foolish, then just CALL US.  Our one and only desire is to have you sing, “Varroa Destructor-No longer a MITE(y) word”.  We realize that you have free will.  We also know that with the creativity which you have been given by God Himself, you too will soon understand just how powerful Zitavex is.  And when I say powerful, I am not only speaking of our “hygienic response”.

As a 501-c-3 (scientific research) tax-deductible organization, we humbly do ask your donations so we can continue to do scientific research to help all.

And come visit us, have coffee, and share your dreams and visions too.

Ken Cuyler

A real man's success is not measured by alphabet soup after his name. While I have had alphabet soup after my name, it no longer matters. What matters now is using all of the powers of the Holy Spirit which I possess to advance His kingdom. So I now choose to give my advanced accounting skills to Zitavex and help to lift this foundation up, as we are David and we are getting ready to use our sling shot to bring down Goliath. Come have coffee with us and help us slay Goliath.